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"Mercedes Kerrison’s plunge into the design world was somewhat of an act of passion. The New York City native worked in the fashion industry for a decade before taking the leap of faith and starting her own home staging and redesign company out of her home in Brooklyn, New York."

4 Black Designers You Should be Following on Instagram

“'Clare is an extremely high-quality paint with great coverage,' shares Kerrison. For this living room and dining room—both of which receive a lot of north-facing light—she chose Windy City. 'It’s a clean, gorgeous medium gray with just the right amount of warmth and a nice subtle sheen,' she adds."

Designers Share Their Tried-and-True Shades From the Best Interior Paint Brands

"Mercedes Kerrison, the founder and principal designer of ABODE, notes that blue throw pillows aren’t just trending now: They’re always in style, 'especially when experimenting with texture in different fabrications and patterns.' Her go-to way of styling them? Pairing blues with 'crisp, clear splashes of colors' and jewel tones, such as yellows, turquoises, and rich greens.'"

This Cozy Throw Pillow Trend Will Upgrade Any Room In Seconds

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